I am very glad to write this letter of recommendation for the Ambition 24 Nursing­ Agency who have been supplying our home with care workers for the last three months. During this time they have provided a reliable and efficient service to our organisation. Their staff deal with us in a pleasant and professional manner all the time.
— Ilona Wilken

Ambition 24 has been providing a service as a nursing agency to our Medical Centre since 2011, prior to that, the company was known as BSR Clinic, and they were using their services since 2000. During this period Ambition 24 rendered a good service, and the hospital has built up a good rapport with them. The communication between the hospital and the agency has always been very good, with their staff being friendly, helpful and accommodating especially with last minute requests. The majority of the staff assigned to our Medical Centre have displayed good work ethic, professionalism and did their best to maintain good standard of care. We found the Ambition 24 staff to be very cooperative when concerns were raised regarding staffs performance, and did their best to correct it with immediate effect. As a client, we will continue to use Ambition 24 as a service provider and hope that they will maintain their good service. Thank you.
— Mrs Adielah Abdulatief, Nursing Services Manager

I am very glad to write a letter of recommendation for Ambition 24 Nursing Agency who have been supplying our home with Care Workers since 2012. During this time they have provided an extremely efficient and reliable service to our organization. The agency constantly strives to maintain excellent communication links with us, calling regularly and responding consistently to any issues that may arise. Their staff deal with us in a professional and pleasant manner at all times. All candidates supplied are of sound caliber, possessing an adequate amount of experience to enable them to adapt to any clinical area in the nursing home. We have been receiving many of the same candidates on a regular basis, which greatly enhances the standard of care they are able to provide. The agency always endeavors to match the most suitable candidate to the shift request and clinical area needs. Overall, Ambition 24 is a very reliable nursing agency that has demonstrated a vast knowledge of our needs. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend them as an agency supplier to any prospective health care provider.
— Vanessa warden, Nursing Operations Manager

I am very pleased with Ambition’s services - they have never disappointed me or left me without capable staff. Even with the last minute request they have stepped up to the podium. The staff they have managed to supply are of great quality and I am very happy with the service they deliver.
— Karen Breetzke